Comfortable Bathtub Seat Baby

Dec 12th

Bathtub seat baby – You have been to choose bathtub for your baby? There are several options, depending on needs and lifestyle of each family. Then we analyze them to help you choose best option. Bath time is a time of relaxation for baby, and both atmosphere in room where he bathes as type of bath used, must contribute to make it a quiet time and stress for both baby as for dads.

style of bathtub seat baby

comfortable bathtub seat baby is a very aesthetic and complete option because in one piece incorporates 3 uses: bathtub, changer to dress and undress baby and chest of drawers to store clothes, accessories, towels, etc. when little decides grow and move to bain large bath house, comfortable-bathtub ye can continue to use in baby’s room as comfortable drawer changer. Is tray removed, and first drawer is released to use furniture as a comfortable standard.

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And when you no longer you wear changer, you can also remove and take advantage entire top surface of furniture. Bathtub seat baby is left fixed in baby’s room. At time of bathing baby, you can move furniture to bathroom to baby there, thanks to wheels that incorporates. If you prefer to ┬ábaby in your room, then instead of moving furniture you can fill bucket in bathroom and take her back to room to put it back in place and their baby.

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