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Dec 16th

Bath tub pillow – The coccyx is the medical term to indicate the last bone in your spine, which is located between your buttocks. You can fracture the tailbone when you fall back and land sitting. The pain of a fractured tailbone is unbearable, and sitting puts more pressure on the injured area. Fractured tailbone, which is rare, can take four to six weeks to heal. Hurt the coccyx is more common and it only takes one or two weeks.

Luxury Bath Tub Pillow
Luxury Bath Tub Pillow

There is nothing better than a hot, relaxing bath after a long day of work. A bath tub pillow is a perfect gift for 54th birthday. The pillow is completely waterproof and is well contoured to cradle the neck area. It also has a remote control and two-speed suction accessory for the bathtub.

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Sitting puts more pressure on a sore and swollen tailbone. Sit on a pillow or buy an inflatable ring your local pharmacy. The ring or pillow your tailbone area and relieve the pressure. Lie face down on a bed or couch and put an ice pack wrapped in cloth on the affected area. Do not put ice packs on bare skin. Leave the pack for 20 to 30 minutes to reduce swelling and inflammation. Sit in a bath tub pillow of warm water on an inflatable cushion or use a tub seat to calm your muscles and reduce pain.

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