Ideas Walls around Wooden Bathtubs

Jan 9th

Wooden bathtubs – Prefabricated plastic walls installed around and above a bathtub are everywhere these days, but you can make them the material you want from that is resistant to moisture. Even the wood work if you hang and seal properly. This project is for an elegant bath style library surrounded by varnished oak paneling and polished before being installed. First, stain and applies a polyurethane lacquer layer, settles the panels and then apply two more coats of varnish to protect against moisture. This is a complicated project and should not be attempted unless you are very comfortable with your carpentry skills, but with wooden bathtubs the result will make your bathroom a place that people certainly will comment.

Jet Barrel Wooden Bathtubs
Jet Barrel Wooden Bathtubs

Put all your wood paneling and trim in a well-ventilated work area. Gently, manually sand all surfaces that are exposed and clean the dust. Use the brush to apply stain generously to the wood sanded. After ten minutes, wipe with a paper towel. Leave the stain to dry overnight and apply the polyurethane coating, brushing slowly to avoid creating bubbles. Let dry overnight.

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Measure the widest wall above the wooden bathtubs and cut pieces of rock phosphate in the appropriate size. To cut the natural phosphate, put it standing on its long end. Use a tape measure to mark the appropriate length. Place the T-square on the top edge of the piece with the flat guide down through the brand.

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