Repair Acrylic Modern Bathtubs

Dec 25th

Modern bathtubs – Refinishing an acrylic tub is a cheaper option than replacing it. Whether the modern bathtubs is scratched, cracked or just worn out, it is possible to repair with an acrylic repair kits. It will take several hours, but when finished, your finished surface is as strong as the original finish. To keep it looking good, only use abrasive cleaners to clean it.

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How to repair acrylic modern bathtubs; clean the area you want to repair. Remove all oil and grease, making sure that the area is thoroughly cleaned and is completely clean and dry. Mix repair filler and hardener by following the instructions on the repair kit. Spread filler in the field of repair by means of the spatula. Sand filler to a smooth surface. Use a coarse grit sandpaper to start, and switch to a finer grit sandpaper to finish the job. Rub until the surface of the repair is the same level as the surface of the vessel.

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Repair acrylic modern bathtubs; spray a light coat of enamel paint. Allow to dry between coats. Apply additional layers as necessary until there is a good finish to the repair. Let it dry thoroughly. As to buff the area, the work of thinning the edge of the painted area, then the color of the repair merges with the rest of the vessel. Let your repair to heal and cure for 4 days before using the tub.

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