Knowing Bathtub Faucet Types

Dec 20th

Bathtub faucet – Several types of tub faucets are available today. Faucets all do the same – dispense hot and cold water – but the different features and designs make different types ideal for one type of home. Generally, you can choose between two-handled faucets and single-handled faucets or other bathtub faucet types.

Bathtub Faucet Cover

Single-handled bathtub faucet. Single-handled bathtub faucets have a handle that controls the flow of water and temperature. They connect to the hot and cold water. Some moving the single lever valves inside the faucet control how much water is flowing from each tube into the vessel. Dual-Handled Faucets. A double-handled bathtub faucet has two hand tags. The one for hot water, while the other is too cold, and you control the water flow by how much you turn each time.

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Roman taps. A Roman faucet is a type bathtub faucet that can be confused with a wall-mount vandhane. You can tell a Roman faucet, because it is installed on the side of the tub rails, or “deck.” This type of faucet only be installed on top the walls of the tub and never in the vertical shower.Vandhanen is designed with a spout that curves up and coming down in an arc, so it must be installed on this place. Normally it has a dual-handle design, with hot and cold water handles on each side.

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