Cast Iron Antique Bathtubs

Jan 9th

Antique bathtubs – Pig-iron baths are enjoying a revival as a popular remodeling a bathroom and newly constructed homes. The most common are popular or famous known as the bathtub on legs. Including a coating layer of porcelain cast iron, these bathtubs types are attractive and durable. Most of the iron baths are deep and have been designed for soaking.

cool antique bathtubs

The buyer will look cast iron-antique bathtubs with all four original feet or legs, in good condition. The more ornate legs. Jeżelinogi or legs have been replaced, removed, or if one or more is badly cracked or dented, the price will fall. Empire what the experts say.

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When you visit antique shops and flea markets of cast iron antique bathtubs for sale, note the condition of the tub and cosprzedawca asks for it. Check online auctions such as eBay and be sure to see corzeczywiście sold to bath in relation to this, asking price was. M and rescue companies that deal in the renovation of old houses can also give you an idea of prices going from a cast-iron antique bathtubs. Think of an antique bathtubs evaluated by a licensed, professional appraiser, who will be able to judge Ileana is worth it.

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