Functional and Ideal Daylight Basement

Nov 27th

A daylight basement is a room that is usually fully or partially underground. If there are windows, it will be in vicinity of tops of walls and often in a window to open up well outside. Size of a daylight basement varies, depending on housing design. In 19th and early 20th century houses, daylight basements were often converted from existing cellars and to size of a small bedroom or less. In newer homes, they can throughout width and breadth of rest of house above them. They have a variety of uses, depending on needs and resources of homeowners.

Daylight Basement
Daylight Basement

A daylight basement provides additional space for taking storage of large objects, such as boxes and crates. Add shelves to store books, clothes, old toys, collectibles, or anything you want out of way. Due to consistently cool temperatures in basements, they are also ideal for use as pantries and cellars. If basement is used as a wine cellar, take care to minimize amount of light from all windows, like many wines require storage in a dark place.

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A daylight basement of sufficient size can be transformed into any type of studio. Visual artists like painters and sculptors will easily cover cement floor with painter’s tarps. Writers can appreciate isolation of area. Recording musicians can natural reverb of room. Space is also suitable for a small office, with room for a desk, shelves and other office equipment. If computers or electronics are left in basement, must buy a dehumidifier to prevent damage due to moisture in air.

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