The Best Choice of Basement Subfloor

Jan 1st

Basement subfloor – Some basement flooring options do not require a subfloor. Repeat ceramics and porcelain, vinyl flooring, and indoor or outdoor carpeting need nothing more than a vapor barrier and can be applied directly to the concrete. Laminate and engineered flooring require a subfloor over concrete in the basement. Build them similar to other home construction subfloors.

Paint Lowe's Basement Floor Epoxy
Paint Lowe’s Basement Floor Epoxy Idea

Moisture is the biggest enemy of the basement subfloor Concrete is a porous material, and it tends to wick moisture from the ground up. Keep fought back by installing the application of a coat of masonry waterproofing paint making as a first step to a sub-floor. The paint makes a membrane that prevents moisture by pushing up the concrete. Add more protection by covering the floor of the basement with overlapping courses of 6-mil plastic sheets.

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It is both impractical and unnecessary to install 2-by-8-inch or 2-by-10-inch wood framing basement subfloor joists. The added height of the shortened timber ceiling height, plus the concrete is sturdy enough to support the sub-floor on its own. However, the finished flooring material you choose should be elevated above the concrete. Use 1-by-2-inch calcify strips spaced 16 inches on center to achieve this. The wood must pressure-treated. Calcify strips attach to concrete with special screws.


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