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Are you looking for the best home humidifier because you are facing lots of difficulties due to dry air? So, no need to worry. Here I am going to discuss the top 5 humidifiers to solve your problem. There are multiple benefits of using a humidifier. The people face confusion while choosing a humidifier that which humidifier will be the best for them.

Features you should consider while choosing a humidifier?

Factors consider while choosing humidifier

If you are going to purchase a humidifier then you must know about some factors while choosing a humidifier. There are some factors you must consider while purchasing a humidifier.

  • Capacity- You must know about the capacity of that humidifier that how much area that humidifier will cover in your home. Generally, a medium price humidifier covers around 200 to 500 square feet. At the same time, some expensive humidifier covers a large area which is almost 400 to 1000 square feet.
  • Cost- The price varies from person to person. When you go to purchase a humidifier. You must try to purchase the humidifier at a low price with high capacity. While purchasing a humidifier you should not see only towards the initial price. You must include the operating and maintenance price so that you will get the actual price.
  • Easy to clean- You must see the maintenance of the humidifier you are going to choose. IS that easy to clean or not? If that humidifier is not easy to clean that means you are going to face lots of problems.
  • Cool mist vs warm mist- Before purchasing the humidifier, You have to choose from cool mist vs warm mist. As it’s quite clear by the name cool mist is generally used by the people who live in a warm place. On the other hand, the warm mist used by the people who lived in warm places.

After knowing these things, this is the time to see the top 5 home humidifiers which we have shortlisted after doing lots of research.

1 Honeywell UV  Cool Moisture Grem free Humidifier, HCM- 350

350 Humidifier

This is one of the best humidifiers to create a good environment for breathing. HCM 350 has self-regulating evaporative technology that helps to eliminate almost 99% of bacteria, mold and other dangerous allergens in the water. There are many benefits of this humidifier. Let’s some features of this humidifier.

  • Quite care technology- If you are concern about the noise of the Humidifier. Then let me tell you, this Humidifier offers quite care technology. It’s almost 30% quieter than its competitors. So, no need to worry about the noise just enjoy the pure air.
  • Easy to maintain- People face lots of difficulties in maintaining the Humidifier because of the small water tank opening. But in case of HCM – 350 you will get a wide tank opening and Dishwasher safe water tank. Apart from all these things they also offer you a large recessed handle.
  • Capacity- The humidifier has the capacity to cover almost a medium-size home.
  • Run time perfiling- Once you filled the Humidifier then you are free for 24 hours. It works for 24 hours per filling.
  • 3 Years warranty- You will get the 3 years warranty that ensures the best quality product.

We saw the reviews of the users they were satisfied with the product and to get this humidifier you need to pay only $69.95/mo*.

2 LV600HH Humidifier


Levoit is the amazon best air purifier seller. The company has a great reputation and excellent support. Lv600HH offers cool and warm mist. To know more about the product, let’s take the look at the features of the product.

  • Easy to use- It is actually easy to use. LV600HH has a sensor that identifies the level of humidity in the home and adjusts automatically according to the best suitable condition. Even, if the water tank of the Lv600HH runs out. So, your humidifier will automatically shut down. It will not just save the machine but you also. So you can feel free while using this humidifier.
  • Capacity- It suits for the big size room. This humidifier can cover 753ft2/70 meter square. It allows 1.6 gal/6L that gives a continuous long time to run it.
  • Runtime perfiling- LV600HH has high run time prefilling. If you filled it one then it will work for continually for 36 hours.
  • Essential oil diffuser- Here you will get the great benefit of the essential oil diffuser. The diffuser has an aroma box. You can add your favorite essential oil to get a beautiful smell.
  • 1 Year assurance- Here you will get 1-year assurance.

We read the reviews of the people who have used the LV600HH. Almost all the users were satisfied with the humidifier and if you want this humidifier then just have to pay $89.99/mo*.

3 Tao Tronics Cool Mist Humidifier

Tao Tronics

Tao Tronics is one of the most well-known companies in the world. It has many features. So let’s start to know the features.

  • Silently work- There is no need to concern for the sound generating from the tao Tronics. This humidifier is specially designed to work silently. You will be able to sleep comfortably.
  • Capacity- This humidifier has the 4L tank capacity. It can be cover the area up to 10-30 meter square /107-322 ft square.
  • Runtime perfilling- You can use the humidifier up to 12-30 hours. The time period depends on your mist level.
  • Great LED- The humidifier has a great informative led display that shows the three levels of the mist. You can easily choose the one level according to your preference.
  • Easy to use- When the water of the humidifier will run out then it will automatically shut off.

After reading the reviews. We got that no one is disappointed with the services of the Tao Tronics. To get this Tao Tronics you have to pay only $49.99.

4 VicTsing Essential Oil DiffuserVic Tsing

VicTsing is well known for its modern technology all over the world. VicTsing essential purifier has many features. Now we are going to see those features to understand it better.

  • Runtime Perfilling- The run time prefilling is not so good in comparison to other humidifiers but much better if we see the price of Vic Tsing. The runtime of prefilling is 10 hours.
  • Capacity- It is good for a small room. It can cover around 30m square.
  • Variety of Colors of lights and modes- Here you will get 7 colors and each color has 2 light modes dim and bright. If you want you can run the cycle of 14 colors. So, overall you will get the 15 modes of the lighting so that you can choose the color of light according to your mood.
  • Easy to use- You will also get the advanced feature. When the water will run out then the humidifier will be automatically shut off.

We read many reviews of the users and got that almost every person is satisfied with the services of the users. It can be a perfect gift for your loved ones. The price of this VicTsing essential oil diffuser is $26.99.

5 Pure Enrichment Humidifier

Pure Enrichment Humidifier

Pure Enrichment is famous to manufacture great level of the home, health, and personal care products all over the world.  Pure Enrichment can also be a good choice for you. Why? To get the answer, let’s take a look at the features of pure Enrichment.

  • Advanced technology- When the water tank runs out then your humidifier will automatically shut-off. It will save the humidifier and you as well.
  • Capacity- It has the capacity to cover a medium-size room or you can use it for your office. The water tank capacity of the humidifier is 1.5L.
  • Other things- Here you will get many things that will help you to maintain the humidifier. You will get a disk cleaning brush, humidifier AC power adapter, and user manual.
  • Customer support- You will get 5 years warranty and apart from it, they are ready to support you 7 days a week.
  • Ultrasonic cool mist technology- The technology moisturizes air safely up to 16 hours. Here will also get the setting to increase and decrease the speed.

To get this Pure Enrichment humidifier. You have to pay $39.99 only. Now we are going to take a look at the overview of this Top 5 home humidifier.


We have seen the top 5 home humidifier in this article. Now you know what are the factors you should consider while choosing the humidifier. We have discussed the features in a brief way. Every humidifier has its great features. It depends on you what suits you. So, choose according to your needs.

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